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What is Music Together online? See content here.

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How can this work for my INFANT?!

How can this work for my wandering toddler?


What happens if I pay for online and then the "Shelter in place" is lifted and classes resume in locations?  If we are back in the classroom before May 4th you can carry unused weeks of class credit to in-person classes.

1st half of Maracas session: Cost: $165 includes: Spring Maracas digital materials, and unlimited viewing of all 1st half of session . 5 weeks of classes, 60 videos from all 6 teachers.

Add on: 2nd half of Maracas session: Cost $120 (you already purchased the materials at $45 in the first half of the session). Unlimited viewing of all class content weeks 1-5 and 5-10.

I already received hard copy materials in class. What should I do? Please look for an email I sent to families that recevied materials in class. You have not been charged for those. Pay for Spring here and you get the digital version as well as the hard copy.

Class Start Date Duration Teacher Register

Music Together Online Mar 30, 2020 5 weeks of online videos MT Tri-Valley Staff
Music Together Online May 04, 2020 5 weeks of online videos MT Tri-Valley Staff Register

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